Danza Multietnica
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4“World music that you don’t expect. For many years, world music has been a sound area abused and often reduced to a heavy soup of useless exoticisms distorting the original motivations. Sometimes it retains the charm of its origins (real integration of different and distant cultures and the breaking through stylistic barriers) thanks to the artistic sensibility of  musicians who are able to respect the roots and propose with clarity new and original perspectives. One of the most notable among these is, without a doubt, acoustic guitar virtuoso Antonio Calogero.”
--Gigi Razete, La Repubblica


“High-quality music performed with grace and sophistication, without clatter or disproportionate gimmicks but exclusively with the innate art that only a few musicians possess, and if supported by years of study and commitment, produces really remarkable results. Antonio Calogero is a wise musician who is able to capture every stimulus coming from different music areas, and above all knows how to synthesize and propose them through his original artistic sensibility. A musician who deserves to be known and appreciated for his great skills as an instrumentalist as well as a composer.”
--Giuseppe Mavilla, Jazzitalia


“…an evocative sound painter.  He can make the guitar dance as well a sing, though, with strong intimations of new tango and world music.  He plays with liquid grace whether in moody introversion or energized riffing.”
--Jim Henken, Los Angeles Times


“Antonio has an original style which is very special and most important to have, as that is a natural thing not always evident in musicians.”
-- Ralph Towner  (ECM Recording Artist)


“Antonio plays with clarity and passion... the subtle intricacy of his music will make you want to listen again.”
--Alex de Grassi (Tropo Recording Artist)


La Rosa del Deserto
Acoustic Music Records

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Music Samples

01. A Life Theme from Danza Multietnica

02. The Golden Gate from La Rosa del Deserto

03. Live Mix- Antonio Calogero Ensemble